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We all feel a little blue sometimes, but what do you do when those feelings of sadness just wonít go away? If you have been feeling down for a lengthy amount of time you may actually be suffering from depression. Clinical depression is a disorder that can affect any man or woman. In fact, millions of people suffer from various types of depression every year. Depression can be a devastating disease, and often prevents people from socializing, working, and enjoying life. If you are suffering from depression symptoms you are not alone Ė there is help for depression out there.

Types of Depression
Depression is a feeling of persistent sadness, malaise, and worthlessness. Common symptoms of depression include crying, weight loss, apathy, sleepiness, and fatigue. Other signs of depression can include self-harm or even suicide attempts. There are many different types of depression, each with various clinical symptoms. Major depression is one of the most common forms, and is characterized by continued feelings of sadness and worthlessness. Postpartum depression is a depression experienced by many women who have just given birth. Manic depression, also called bipolar depression is characterized by periods of extreme hopelessness alternating with periods of excitement and mania. Whatever type of depression you suffer from, depression treatment is necessary in order to recover.

Cause of Depression
Many people wonder why depressed people canít just "snap out" of their situation. Well, depression is more than just a mood; it is actually a physiological condition caused by hormonal imbalances in the brain. The brain relies on certain hormones to regulate mood, appetite, and other bodily functions. Sometimes these hormones become imbalanced and cause depression and anxiety in certain individuals. As a result, depression sufferers canít correct their symptoms without using specific treatments for depression.

Treatments for Depression
Treatment for depression is very effective and helps many people to regain happiness in their lives. Drugs for depression are used by many sufferers, and can help to restore hormonal balance in the brain. Depression medicine is highly effective in treating all types of depression. Depression help can also come in the form of personal therapy. Talk therapy and group therapy can often help sufferers work through their depression and begin to take an active role in life again.

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